5 ways to make money while traveling

Having the money to travel for as long as you like may seem like a dream — but for many people it’s a reality.

Even without a huge bank balance, you can travel and earn money in a multitude of ways. From getting a location independent job, backpacking and picking up casual work, to building a travel industry career, there are options out there.

Read on for our top ways to make money while traveling.

1. Teach English

Teaching English could mean anything from a full time, permanent career, to a remote job teaching kids online as you travel, to picking up some temporary cover shifts to earn some spending money.

Being a high level or native English speaker is enough for this in some parts of the world — but having an appropriate TEFL qualification will get you further and give you the skills you need to feel comfortable teaching.

You’ll be able to choose to teach in a range of formats and age groups — from kindergarteners to business professionals and everything in between.

2. Freelance remotely

Depending on your skills and interests you may be able to get freelance work from your own client base, or dip in and out of jobs through a marketplace platform. Freelance remote working lends itself to a broad range of skills, from design, web and mobile development, content and copywriting, and even accountancy.

Being a freelancer means you can control your own working hours and schedule — but it does also mean you’ll be responsible for making sure you’re legally entitled to work wherever you are, and sorting out your own taxes.

Think about how your skills and experience might work in an online context, and how you could market yourself to clients. If you’re not sure, have a look at the projects and freelancer profiles listed on popular marketplace platforms like Fiverr or Upwork to get some ideas.

3. Earn from a blog

Travel blogging may be the obvious choice here, but you can build and monetize a blog on any topic that interests you. It’s not easy, and it’s not quick — but it can be a credible source of income once you have a decent following.

And while blogging may have been the original place to earn in this way, vlogging, or using other social sites can be equally successful if you know your market.

4. Sell your photos

If you have an eye for a photo there’s money to be made — even if you’re not traveling with your best camera.

Choices include selling your photos to stock agencies for royalty fees — this can be a neat way to earn a small passive income as you travel. Or, turn your travel photos into postcards or books and sell physical products in person or through an online store.

Finally, if you’re skilled at portrait pictures, you can sell portrait packages whenever you’re in a place for a while — from family photos to professional headshots, there’s a worldwide demand for talented photographers.

5. Earn passive income online

Earning passive online income is a very smart way to pay for your travels — sadly it’s not an easy quick fix.

To be able to earn passive income you’ll usually have to invest quite a bit of time setting up arrangements so you’re able to step away and have your business — more or less — manage itself while you move. However, with time and effort, it can work.

Consider drop shipping businesses, or if you’re a creator you could sell physical products through sites like Redbubble, or digital products through a platform like Etsy, with little to no ongoing effort.

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